2011 ‘$5 for Fight’ provided 472 families from 66 locals with $134,103 for medicines, rent, utilities

[frame src=”https://labortribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/104097127.jpg” width=”250″ height=”150″ align=”left” style=”2″ linkstyle=”none”]THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Over 1,000 union members, aided by labor unions, retirees and retiree clubs, union raffles, friends of labor and the United Way, volunteered to “Buck Up” last year to help out-of-work members by donating $134,103 to the $5 for the Fight campaign in 2011.

From the 472 union families from 66 different unions who were helped throughout the year, THANK YOU everyone. Individual “Buck Up”donations ranged from $5 to $1,000 with some firms, unions and organizations donating larger sums.

The money not only came from those who were still working, it also came from those unemployed and those retired who wanted to reach out and still help others:

• From laid off workers: “Been on layoff status myself since last July. Know what it feels like. This is my six-week beer supply money! Hope this helps” said a Sprinklerfitters 268 member sending in a $100 check.

• From retirees: “Keep up the good work. I know times are rough for all working people. When I see the youth in this country getting active, I am encourage for a brighter future,” said a retired UFCW 655 member along with her $100 check.

• In memoriam: Some were in memory of loved ones whom they wanted to honor:

“I am giving this in memory of my husband… proud to be a metal worker and union member for over 50 years…”

“Please accept the enclosed check (for $200) in memory of my dad… and brother… both IBEW 1 members.”

• From non-union believers: Even individuals who were not union members, but obviously read the Labor Tribune, sent money to help those in need of a helping hand:

“I have never belonged to a labor union but I firmly believe in them. Thanks for helping union families in this time of ‘economic downtown’ that has been attributed to President Obama but the blame for it lies squarely on Republican shoulders.”


Here’s how your donations were spent:

• Rent assistance- 106 families

• Mortgage help – 35 families

• Utilities – 298 families

• Medicine/medical insurance – 15 families

• Miscellaneous needs – 18 families

In addition to individual donations, major contributions were also received from Sheet Metal Workers 36’s Special Industry Fund, Plumber and Pipefitters 562 members’ special contributions, Laborers Local 110 and the United Way.

“This assistance has only been possible because of the significantly generous contributions made by you and other thoughtful and caring union organizations, and business associates. Without you, may of these families would have nowhere to turn for help,” said Bob Soutier, president, St. Louis Labor Council.

This report ends the 2011 campaign…but it doesn’t end the need or labor’s efforts to continue to help. Even as the economy begins a slow recovered, tens of thousands of St. Louis and Southern Illinois union families have no breadwinner because they don’t have jobs.

This week the labor movement launches its 2012 campaign. The Labor Tribunewill continue to publish donors’ names to recognize their helping hands. The needs are still there. We call on your generosity, your spirit of brotherhood, you compassion to give again, and for those who have not yet given, please consider doing so. You’ll feel better knowing you helped union families in need through no fault of their own.


If you can help, please right now write a check for whatever you can afford to “$5 for the Fight” knowing that your contribution will help someone in desperate need of help.

There’s three ways to give:

• Mail: Check/money order to “$5 for the Fight” mailed to: $5 for the Fight, c/o St. Louis Labor Council, 3301 Hollenberg Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044; include your union affiliation.

• On line –www.labortribune.com, click “$5 for the Fight Donations” that takes you to a secure payment site.

• Reoccurring credit card donation: www.labortribune.com, “$5 for the Fight Donations.” Click: “Automatic monthly deduction,” the amount and how many months you want the deduction to be made.

Remember, there are four categories of giving:

• Apprentice: $1 – $12 donation/ George Washington Honor Roll

• Journeyman: $13-$50 donation/ Andrew Jackson Honor Roll

• Steward: $51-$99 donation/ Ulysses S. Grant Honor Roll

• Chief Steward: $100 +/Ben Franklin Honor Roll

If your gift moves you from one category to another, your will automatically move into the appropriate honor roll.

Remember, 100 percent of donation goes into the “Fight Fund.” From a lot of grateful people, “thank you” for agreeing that “we share because we care for one another.”

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