$5 for the Fight Fund again running low as need for help is steady


The $5 for the Fight fund is once again on the ropes: as of April 30 press time, there was only $7,005.83 in the Fund with dozens of requests for help still awaiting final review and action.

To date, the Fight Fund has helped 199 union families and individuals, who are down on their luck because the economy revitalization has not yet reached them, with a wide variety of assistance: medical bills, housing, utilities, rent assistance, transportation to medical facilities, etc.

A total of $61,942.95 has been paid out to date. Monies are not sent to individuals, but paid directly to suppliers. The need is still continuing. (See story below.)

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$5 Fight: here’s how your $$ makes a difference

• Member with health issues causing her to miss work often, is raising three grandchildren on her own. Due to illness and lack of work, facing utilities shut off. Fight Fund paying bill to keep electric and gas services on.

Single father raising nine-year old son, works part time, has shut-off notice for his electric service. Fight Fund paid minimum payment to prevent service disconnect.

• Construction worker had been off the job for winter months, slow period of hiring. With weather improving, found part time work but faces many bills including mortgage payments. Fight Fund and outside agencies work repayment plan saving his home.

• Single mother of a three-year old laid off since October, 2017, returned to work in early April but was behind in rent and facing eviction. Fight Fund help provided prevented the eviction.

• Construction worker with health issue, a single dad with son in college, is determined to return to work. Besides have to rely on food stamps and the local food pantry, he is behind on rent and faces eviction. Fight Fund aid prevented eviction and helped with a repayment plan.


If you’d like to donate to the “$5 for the Fight” Fund and help ensure money is available when it’s needed to help union members in need, you can donate by check, online or create a recurring automated donation. Here’s how:

• Mail a check or money order to “$5 for the Fight,” c/o St. Louis Labor Council, 3301 Hollenberg Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044. Please include your union affiliation.

• Make an online donation by visiting labortribune.com and clicking the “Donate $5 for the Fight” in the lower right-hand column of the homepage.

• Create a Recurring Automated Donation, if you prefer, by clicking that option on the same page.



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