AFL-CIO supports For the People Act to restore balance of power

THE FOR THE PEOPLE ACT sends message that our democracy must be protected and strengthened.

The AFL-CIO supports the For the People Act, legislation that would expand voting rights and decrease the influence of big money in politics.

The legislation passed the U.S. House of Representatives in recent weeks, 54 years after civil rights activists—including longtime Rep. John Lewis—were beaten in Selma, Alabama, as they peacefully demonstrated for voting rights.

The For the People Act sends a clear message that our democracy must be protected and strengthened. The AFL-CIO is urging the Senate to send it to President Donald Trump’s desk.

“By expanding access to the ballot box, reducing the influence of big money in politics and strengthening ethics rules for government officials, we will begin to restore America’s core value of being a country where the voices of many cannot be silenced by the money of a few,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said of the For the People Act.

The bill takes aim at several critical issues facing our nation today, from the attacks on voting rights to the destructive power of “dark” money in politics.

Here are the top three things it would do:

• Expand voter access, including early voting and online and same-day voter registration;
• Increase transparency in campaign finance, including requiring the disclosure of all political donors; and
• Strengthen ethics rules for government officials and agencies.

A 2018 voter engagement survey by The Atlantic found that 67 percent of Americans believe too few people voting is a problem.

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