AFSCME endorses 4 Republicans

AFSCME Council 31 has endorsed four Republican candidates in the June 28 primary in Madison County races:

Madison County Treasurer Chris Slusser, Jeff Connor as Madison County Sheriff, Denise Wiehardt in District 20 and John “Eric” Foster in District 21.

• Slusser has promised to handle union issues fairly. He reduced management positions by attrition, replacing them with staffers to improve operations. He also increased the county’s investment earnings from $800,000 a year to $3-5 million.

• Connor has 35 years of experience in law enforcement with the Granite City Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department and is commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis. AFSCME’s said they believe he understands the importance of Labor. “I don’t think you need a sheriff who sits in a corner office pushing paperwork. You need a sheriff who’s not afraid to put handcuffs on someone.”

• Wiehardt in District 20 and Foster in District 21 are seen as critical for getting a Labor contract for Local 799 county workers.

AFSCME encouraged voters to pull a Republican ballot so they can help these candidates win their primary challenges, as well as Democratic Madison County Board members Michael “Doc” Holliday Sr. and Gussie Glasper; and incumbent County Clerk Debbie Ming-Mendoza.

“County government plays a big role in ensuring justice, protecting public health and public safety, and more,” the endorsements read. “And for the hundreds of AFSCME members who make county government-run, it’s their employer.”


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