Boy Scouts learn about Labor Movement at Merit Badge skill center

Labor Merit Badge
BE PREPARED FOR WORK: Fifty-six Boy Scouts from Missouri and Illinois attended a one-day program on the Labor Movement at the Electrical Industry Training Center at IBEW Local 1 in St. Louis to help in them in their efforts toward earning the American Labor Movement Merit Badge.

Fifty-six area Boy Scouts turned out for an American Labor Merit Badge Skill Center Saturday, Feb. 7, at the Electrical Industry Training Center at IBEW Local 1 Hall in St. Louis.

Scouts attending the one-day program received an introduction to the American Labor Movement.

Scouts learned about the workers who were killed in the Ludlow and Memorial Day Massacres, Mother Jones and struggles that took place right here in Saint Louis such as the General Strike of 1877.

Scouts were also encouraged to gain first-hand experience by attending a union meeting, reading newspaper articles and interviewing union representatives about their responsibilities.

To earn the merit badge, Scouts have to demonstrate an understanding of labor history, contract negotiation and issues affecting workers and unions today.

The day included tours of the union hall and training center, educational games related to the material and a free lunch.


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