Bricklayers Local 1 bannering Chapman Plaza and Gardens project


Bricklayers Local 1 is bannering the Chapman Plaza and Gardens project at the north entrance to Shaw Park in Clayton for using non-signatory contractor Carvalho Masonry, which pays below area standard wages and benefits negotiated by Local 1. The $4 million project and its maintenance endowment are being funded by a donation to the Clayton Century Foundation from Bob Chapman, chairman of Barry-Wehmiller Cos. (located at Forsyth and South Brentwood boulevards across from the project), his family and the corporation. The project includes a walkway that descends along a cascading waterfall and garden beds into the park, leading to a pavilion that overlooks the skyline of Clayton. Taking the message to the street are Local 1 members (from left) Wasim Aziz and Seth Jones. – Labor Tribune photo


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