Call Todd Schnuck. Tell him to stop his union busting


Teamsters 688 Business Rep. Mike Schlueter is taking the message of Schnucks warehouse workers to area labor clubs with a simple request, call CEO Todd Schnuck and say, “Listen, you need to stop this and take care of your workers.”

Schlueter recently visited with members of the South St. Louis County Labor Club and was quick to point out that it’s not just the Teamster warehouse employees but also retail clerks, meatcutters and drivers who will be affected in years to come by Todd Schnuck’s anti-union tactics.

Those union members’ livelihoods are one reason Local 688 has held off on calling for a boycott of the stores formerly known as the “Friendliest stores in town.”

“There are 10-12,000 union members still working in the stores,” Schlueter said. “This is just the beginning,” he said. “Once he gets rid of us, he’s going to start going after the drivers, and then who knows who? It’s just the beginning of union busting.”

So the message is clear: Call Schnucks CEO Todd Schnuck at 314-994-4769 and tell him to stop his union busting and do right by his employees.

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