CBTU Under 40, APRI Youth committee members deliver winter care packages to St. Louisans in need

MEMBERS OF THE COALTION OF BLACK TRADE UNIONISTS (CBTU) St. Louis Under 40 Committee and the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) St. Louis Youth Chapter held their annual “Winter Care Package” community service project for those in need Jan. 16 at several locations in downtown St. Louis. They distributed between 80 and 90 packages containing blankets, personal protective equipment (PPE), gloves, socks and personal hygiene products. Assisting in the effort were (first row) Theresa Hester; (second row from left) Tempest Tuggle and Queen Bell; (third row from left) APRI St. Louis Chapter President Keith Robinson, Mikel Paham, Donna Trice, Jessica Chambers and Leo Yakey; and (last row from left) David Sanders and Oluwadamini Melvin.


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