Chris Koster’s loss is a loss for all Missourians


Mike LouisStatement by Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis on the 2016 Gubernatorial Election:

“It’s a sad day for working Missourians. With the election of Eric Greitens, the security of our livelihoods is being threatened. Good jobs, decent pay, safe work places are all at risk of disappearing. The Labor Movement won’t let that happen.

Time and time again in the history of the Labor Movement, we have overcome tough challenges. This will be no different. We won’t let the ruling elite and the Goliath out-of-touch corporate interests silence the voices of the Missouri’s working people.

We will stand together, create coalitions with allied community groups and legislators and fight for a better life for all Missourians.”


  1. We as a Union state will change but through hard work we will remain viable and successful in our endeavors. Evil, greedy business men will try and break us but we will adapt and overcome.

  2. For every union member that voted republican, you will cause you and your brothers and sisters to lose money, benfits and jobs. You will realize the mistake you made and hopefuly remember it after this to always vote for the candidate that supports the working man.. if you do that everything else will always fall into place.


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