Christmas year-round –– Help us help you tell Labor’s giving story

New Dec. 12 deadline for charity summary; only 16 responses to date

The Labor Tribune needs your help to tell the story of the Labor Movement’s year-round generosity. Only 16 locals responded as of last Friday to our plea for locals to send us a summary of your charity work. We need to hear from each of you.
For the past five years, we’ve highlighted the great charity work our unions perform year-round by summarizing the charitable contributions of the past year.
We take care not to put our locals in a position of having more requests than they can meet by listing the charitable work and donations not by specific locals, but as a whole.
Last year, 36 locals responded with over $2 million donated in cash and services. Over the five years of our survey, the total has come to almost $9 million.
That’s an impressive story that needs to be told! But we can’t do it if YOUR LOCAL doesn’t respond to our request (It’s now a plea) for information.
This information helps in a number of ways.
For the first time this year, the St. Louis Business Journal‘s corporate community support issue highlighted the work our unions do because we had the data to give them.
The story of union giving is important for the public to know. We’ll get the word out, but you have to help us.


Here are the few locals that have responded so far:

  • Bricklayers of Eastern Missouri
  • Hoisting Engineers Local 513
  • IBEW Locals 4, 1439
  • Iron Workers Local 396
  • Laborers Locals 42 and 110
  • Letter Carriers
  • Plasterers Local 90
  • Roofers Local 2
  • Teamsters Joint Council 13 and Locals 610, 618 and 688
  • UFCW Local 655
  • Utility Workers Local 335

If your local is not listed here, please take a half hour and get us the data we need to tell the story of Labor’s year-round charitable giving.
We know you’re not doing it to draw attention to yourselves, but recognition is important.


Help us help you tell Labor’s story. Here’s what we need:

  • Total amount donated to via your union treasury.
  • List of charities/groups helped.
  • If you donated work, an estimate the total dollar value of the work based on your scale and estimate hours worked.

Send it to us by email at or fax it to 314-535-9013.
Please help us tell Labor’s story by this information to us by the Dec. 12 deadline.

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