COPE endorsements for the St. Louis March 5 municipal primary

The St. Louis Labor Council has announced its endorsements for the City of St. Louis’ March 5, 2019 municipal primary election. The endorsements, based on recommendations from the St. Louis City Labor Club, whose members interviewed each of the candidates, and the Labor Council Executive Board, which made some changes, were approved by Labor Council delegates representing the various union locals at its Jan. 15 meeting. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).

President of the Board of Alderman
Alderman Ward 2
Alderman Ward 4
Samuel L. Moore (D)*
Alderman Ward 6
Christine Ingrassia (D)*
Alderman Ward 8
Annie Rice (D)*
Alderman Ward 10
Alderman Ward 12
Larry Arnowitz (D)*
Alderman Ward 14
Carol Howard (D)*
Alderman Ward 16
Thomas Oldenburg (D)*
Alderman Ward 18
Alderman Ward 20
Cara Spencer (D)*
Alderman Ward 22
Alderman Ward 24
Bret Narayan (D)*
Alderman Ward 26
Leata Price-Land (D)
Alderman Ward 28
Heather Navarro

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