Cottleville and Florissant issue resolutions opposing RTW in Missouri

RTW War on WorkersThe cities of Cottleville and Florissant have joined the growing chorus of opposition to right-to-work laws in Missouri with formal resolutions.


Cottleville City Administrator and Police Chief Scott Lewis, also a candidate for St. Charles County Sheriff, pushed for a resolution in that city, telling the council that the city has had a long history of working with organized labor and has always had good experience.

“When we built our new city hall and police department we negotiated a project labor agreement, and during that project the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council were more than helpful,” Lewis said.

Lewis said a strong middle class is the “backbone of Cottleville and our economy.”

“We are happy to support labor and oppose right-to-work and other legislation that would hurt our longstanding labor practices and ultimately hurt the hard working men and women who are the foundation of our community,” Lewis said.


rtw_is_wrongFlorissant’s resolution read, in part, “Numerous studies have demonstrated and our own experience and common sense have confirmed, that central location, good transportation infrastructure, a skilled and stable workforce, the value and availability of business incentives, reasonable tax rates, high caliber public services and low energy costs are the most important factors influencing businesses’ relocation and economic development decisions.”

The resolution further states: “policies that undercut the success of working families and threaten the stability of the middle class do not result in enhanced economic development and, in fact, lead to long term erosion of economic vitality as well as degradation of the social fabric of the community.”


Right-to-Work and paycheck deception bills were priorities for Missouri extremists in this year’s legislative session, but solidarity, educational outreach bipartisanship among labor-friendly office holders at the State Capitol prevented these two major attacks on Missouri workers from moving forward.

Labor leaders and labor-friendly office holders say the proposed bills will likely rear their heads again in next year’s session, and those that follow, but a drumbeat is growing among Missouri working families and municipal leaders that right-to-work and other anti-worker measures are not what Missouri needs or what its working families and communities want.

Other communities, including O’Fallon, Missouri in St. Charles County and the City of St. Louis have issued similar resolutions opposing right to work laws in the state.

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