CVS pharmacy techs now protected by four-year contract


Pharmacy technicians and interns with CVS pharmacies inside Schnucks stores have ratified a new four-year contract.

While CVS has been a non-union company throughout the St. Louis Metro Area, they agreed to maintain the techs union membership and negotiate a new union contract with the United Food and Commercial Workers when they purchased the pharmacies from Schnucks.

Schnucks, whose pharmacy techs had always been union members, sold its in-store pharmacy business to CVS last year. Wanting to minimize disruption for both their customers and the pharmacy techs, CVS agreed to hire most of the Schnucks pharmacy techs.

The new contract for the now union CVS techs includes wage increases, maintains the union health insurance, recognizes the techs length of service with Schnucks as applied to vacation and other benefits, and continues all the other protections of UFCW Local 655’s pharmacy techs contract with Schnucks. Additionally, there is a special retro payment of 40 cents an hour back to June 28, 2020 when CVS took over the business, plus a special wage adjustment where the techs will get an additional one percent wage boost for every year of service up to 10 percent.

The agreement, effective Jan. 1, covers three different UFCW locals that had contracts for the techs at Schnucks — Local 655 in St. Louis, Local 2 in Kansas City and Local 881 in Southern Illinois. A joint negotiating committee worked out the details.

Local 655 President David Cook credited CVS for accepting the Schnucks contract with minimal disruptions for Local 655’s members.


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