CWA 6300 helps sister union stage picket at TV station

CWA 6300 at KRCG-TV(1)
SHAME ON KRCG-TV: Several top officials from CWA 6300 recently helped sister union CWA 6314 stage a picket near KRCG-TV in Bloomfield, MO, because of stalled contract negotiations with the station. Taking the message live were (from left) CWA 6300 Chief Steward Mike Songer, CWA 6300 Vice President Mark Crawshaw, CWA 6314 retiree Bryant Liddle, CWA 6300 President Mike Mehringer, CWA 6314 members Steve Nelson and Kory Vaughan, and CWA 6300 Chief Steward Mike Lavoie. – Mike Hensel, CWA 6300 photo.

Bloomfield, MO – Several top officials with CWA Local 6300 turned out in a show of strong support for sister union CWA 6314, which is battling for a fair contract with a television station in the Columbia/Jefferson City-Mo. market.

CWA 6314’s contract with KRCG-TV in Bloomfield, Mo., expired over a year ago, said Mark Crawshaw, CWA 6300 vice president. It used to be a family-owned station until a “big, corporate conglomerate recently bought it out.”

The union proposed a new contract that would have phased in a 4 percent, across-the-board salary increase over three years while keeping all benefits the same, he said.

“The station flat out rejected the contract,” Crawshaw said. “It’s a small station and not a lot of people work there – that’s why we drove out to support our CWA 6314 brothers and sisters.”

Members of the two unions set up a picket near the station on Feb. 22 and 23 with a giant, inflatable rat and held signs asking viewers to turn off the station because it is unfair to its workers.

CWA 6314 is continuing efforts to negotiate a contract with the station.


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