Defeating Prop A tops agenda at Missouri AFL-CIO Convention

Guest speakers applaud work done on Vote No on Prop A campaign



Defeating Prop A (RTW) took center stage at the Missouri AFL-CIO’s 29th Biennial Convention in St. Louis last month with state and local officials and Labor leaders and union delegates rallying for a win for working families by voting No on Prop A on Aug. 7.



Pat Kellett, United Association (UA) of Plumbers & Pipefitters general secretary-treasurer and former Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 business manager, praised Missouri union members for the work they’ve done to defeat Prop A.

Kellett recalled a quote from George Meany, a United Association member who was elected president of the then newly formed AFL-CIO in 1952: “Labor never quits. We never give up the fight, no matter how tough the odds and no matter how long it takes.”


U.S. Congressman William “Lacy” Clay welcomed union member delegates, applauding their efforts to educate voters on the impact of RTW.

Clay said he was happy to be on the front lines with Labor in this important fight.


“We are going to win this battle,” he said. “On Aug. 7, we will stand up with one unified voice to vote no on Prop A and send a powerful message that ‘right-to-work’ is a lie. It means lower wages, fewer benefits, weaker workplace protections, management intimidation of the right to organize freely and an end to collective bargaining.”


St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson thanked convention delegates for the important work Organized Labor does for workers and families all across the state and the country.

Krewson said she had seen the Vote No on Prop A ads, the work union members have put into the effort to defeat it, and the support they have received.

“Fingers crossed, I think we’re going to be ok on Aug. 7,” she said. “Workers’ rights have been under attack for quite a while with issues like ‘right-to-work,’ prevailing wage restrictions, paycheck deception, minimum wage and attempts to undermine teachers in Missouri. Prop A is the latest challenge, and it’s wrong for St. Louis and wrong for Missouri!”


Delegates did more than listen to speeches. After hearing from the guest speakers and conducting some regular business, delegates hit the streets in a major door-to-door canvassing effort to educate voters about Proposition A and why working families earning $8,740 less a year is wrong for Missouri.

Vote NO on Prop A on Aug. 7.

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