Derogatory attack on Missouri senator prompts strong rebuke from St. Louis Labor Council


Recent derogatory remarks and epithets aimed at Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal and posted on the Pro-Union St. Louis Facebook page have prompted a harsh rebuke from the executive board of the St. Louis Labor Council.

Sen. Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City) has been a strong advocate for working families, voting against right-to-work, and has strived throughout her career to provide a voice to the under-served and under-represented in her district and the state, including engaging in last year’s protests in Ferguson.

The comments in question centered around her stand on last session’s school transfer bill. The post and comments have since been taken down, and the posters banned from making further comments on the page.

Pat White copy

St. Louis Labor Council President Pat White issued the following statement condemning the Facebook posts:

“As an inclusive organization that fights for all, regardless of their nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation or anything else that makes them unique from the majority, we strongly disagree with – and condemn – any attack, via online outlets or any other avenues, that maliciously and unfairly criticizes someone in a derogatory manner, as was the case in recent posts against Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

“The Council’s executive board, speaking on behalf of our 82,000 members, voted unanimously to denounce such actions.

“Our Labor Movement was born because all working men and women wanted to be treated equally. For a few misguided members to post such deplorable remarks is a step in the wrong direction.

“We ask that all Unions, big and small, join us in reinforcing Organized Labor’s message that we stand for equality for all. While people may have differing opinions on issues, they should be addressed civilly, appropriately and fairly. Honest discourse is the way to solve disagreements. Not name calling and oral abuse. We emphatically condemn the latter approach.”


  • I belong to the St. Louis Pro Union site. I was on the very conversation thread mentioned in this story. I, and at least 2 others, chastised the two “gentlemen” who made those incredibly stupid, factually wrong remarks. The remarks were incredibly embarrassing to the site, and to anyone affiliated with labor. However, the fact that there were, at least, 3 others defending the Senator against the two insulting her…has been lost from this story. Also, there has been no contact from the St. Louis Labor Council, the Labor Tribune, or the two newsmen who the Senator had interviews with, attempted with the administrator of the site. If here was, it would be shown, that the two offenders were removed from the group, and the thread was shut down. Instead the group logo has been shown on TV, mentioned in the Labor Tribune with out courtesy, or in the manner of ethical journalism. I would suggest that the Labor Tribune, the St. Louis Labor Council contact the two offenders personally, and publicly rebuke THEM? Then these two parties could contact the administrator of the site, the other people that were on the thread that day….and Thank them. The St. Louis Pro-Union site has been a great benefit to union, and union friendly members. I value it, and don’t believe that is should be slandered as it has. Perhaps the Labor Tribune, or the St. Louis Labor Council would start an online group their selves? Perhaps Mr. Shankman, and Mr. Allman should start going to multiple sources for their stories, before publicly doing interviews with just one person?


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