Experience vs. BS: Decision time


If the person you love most was in a horrendous accident and you’re on your way to the hospital following the ambulance, do you want an experienced, real doctor waiting to begin life-saving measures when you arrive or a TV-actor-playing-doctor?

Missouri, Illinois and America are at a crossroads; your vote on Tuesday will determine whether we take the path of Experience or BS.

In Illinois, your vote will have an impact locally, yes, but more importantly on the national scene. Send CJ Baricevic and Tammy Duckworth to Congress where the Democrats need to win seats in order to move a worker-friendly agenda.

But the Missouri election is even more critical.

Chris Koster, Democrat running for Governor, is an experienced lawyer, legislator, prosecutor who understands the intricacies of government and the complexities of people. He has the proven skills to bring people together. His record of supporting working people is praiseworthy.

Eric Greitens, Republican for Governor, is a veteran who has never held political office. He’s never known the challenges that face working Missourians, he’s never had the experience of dealing with the complex problems of government.


To get a feel for the depth of the man, compare Koster’s and Greitens’ websites.

Koster outlines a definitive program to move Missouri forward. His grasp of the real issues facing all Missourians is substantial. He has plans and solutions for progress.

And for union families, for all workers, Koster is clearly against the phony “right-to-work” because he knows it will lower wages, make the workplace less safe, and only put more money in the pockets of the wealthy 1 percent.

Greitens, by contrast, has no plans for Missouri. He offers a few platitudes but mostly promotes himself and his military experience. Yes, he was a Navy Seal and we certainly thank him for his service. But he has no real understanding of the problems and concerns of everyday working people when he brags about wanting to bring the so-called “right-to-work” to Missouri.

Eric Greitens is clearly the tool of the 1 percent. Just look at two issues: (1) He received a $1.9 million dark money campaign contribution but refuses to report the source. (2) He refuses to make his tax returns public, as Koster has done. What does he want to hide?

Oh yes, he’s already reserved the domain “Eric Greitens for president.” He wants the governorship as his stepping stone to his own future. We need a man like Koster who is more concerned with putting the right stones in place that we can all step on to a better tomorrow right here in Missouri.

Greitens is all ego. Koster is roll-up-your-sleeves and let’s get things done.


On the national scene, we have a similar situation: Experience vs. BS.

Hillary Clinton as a young lawyer fought for children’s rights. She was involved in social movements to move America forward. She was a U.S. Senator, a first-lady, an incredibly active Secretary of State traveling the globe fighting for America.

Hillary Clinton has the experience, the calm demeanor, the smarts America needs in this tumultuous time in our history.

Donald Trump is Mr. BS himself. He has no specific plans to solve America’s problems. He is all bluster and no substance. His success lies in the fact that he’s run an emotional campaign, stoking the fears, and like Greitens, only has platitudes for solutions to the very serious needs we have as working men and women.

Brothers and Sisters, your vote Tuesday will impact your life, your paycheck, your family and your future like no other election in our lifetime.

In Missouri and in America, when that ambulance pulls up to the emergency room door, who do you want ready to act: the experienced doctor or the BS play doc?



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