Fire fighter/Realtor makes special offer for potential homebuyers/sellers

GETTING READY, fire fighter Dave Marlow (center) on the job with the Wentzville Fire Protection District, preparing his equipment.

Will donate $500 to ‘$5 for Fight’ Fund and save buyer $500 (or more)



With the continuing need to help union families, the $5 for the Fight Fund has received a unique dual offer from an active fire fighter who, in his off time is a realtor: for every home a union family buys or sells through him, he’ll:

• Make a $500 donation to the Fight Fund, PLUS

• Cut his commission rate to save the buyer at least $500 (depending on the sales price of the home, it could be an even larger discount).

That’s on top of the 10 percent of his total commission he already gives to the Backstoppers who support fallen first responders.

That’s the offer from Dave Marlow, a 17-year fire fighter working in the Wentzville Fire Protection District, who, when he’s not working his 56-hour work week, is a representative for The Expert Realty Co. headquartered in Lake St. Louis.


“Labor has done so much for me,” he told the Labor Tribune. “I strongly believe it’s important to help our fellow brothers and sisters in need. This is my way of giving back for all that Labor has done for me and my family.” The father of two boys, two and 10 years old, he understands the financial needs of families who appeal to the Fight Fund for aid.


“Dave has always been a big supporter of unions, and this offer just continues his belief in helping union families whenever he can, it’s just the fire fighters’ way,” said Pat White, president of the St. Louis Labor Council. “It shows his dedication to the Labor Movement.”

Marlow, a member of Fire Fighters Local 2665, has served the local as a shop steward and its secretary-treasurer, in addition to serving a District vice president.

Marlow can be reached at or 314-280-7339.

If you have a need for a realtor, here’s a chance to work with a fellow union member, do a lot of good for unions families still hurting in this economy, and save yourself some additional out-of-pocket money.

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