Fitters overcome Electricians in inaugural hockey faceoff

562 WINNERS: IBEW Local 1 President Jim Reinheimer (right) and Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Assistant Business Manager Brian Nichols hold up the winner’s trophy on behalf of the jubilant Local 562 veteran team. The trophy (above) was designed by Local 562 journeyman welder Mike Sweeney.

It was a bit rough and tumble, but great fun stirred on by over 500 cheering fans as a Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 veteran hockey team faced off against the first-year Electrical Workers Local 1’s “Shockers” in a July 17 first-ever braggin’ rights contest.

Despite the Local 1’s Facebook post that “We’ll take them down,” it was not to be as Local 562 took the match 8-4 in a game that was hard fought on both sides but filled with

THE UNIQUE TROPHY to memorialize the event created by Local 562 journeyman Mike Sweeney.

lots of comradery, on and off the ice. The initial plans are for an annual contest, however, because of the great fun of this first contest, the two teams are considering a faceoff every six months with a charity to be the benefactor of associated fundraising with the event.

MARKING THE INAUGURAL EVENT, a special tee shirt was created for participants which will long serve as a memorial to the fun, historic event.

Local 1 has had its hockey team for only six months. Local 562’s team is in its third year.

“It was phenomenal, everyone was supportive and excited for their team,” said Joe Sansone, a Local 562 training instructor who, along with Bob Ellison, a retired Local 562 member, coach the team.

Local 1’s team coaches are two apprentices, Eric Levy and Tylor James. The enthusiasm over the team has been so “electric” (pardon the pun) that Local 1’s team has been invited to the International Union’s national hockey competition to be held in Detroit in April 2023 where U.S. and Canadian IBEW teams will compete.

“It was a great, exciting day for everyone,” added Levy.

THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM: IBEW Local 1 (left) and Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 (right) pose for the inaugural game’s team photo, the quietest few minutes of the entire evening. After the photo, it was “game on!”
DROPPING THE STARTING PUCK to get the first annual hockey game between Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 and Electrical Workers Local 1 are Local 1 Business Manager Frank Jacobs (at right) and Plumbers & Pipefitters International Secretary-Treasurer Pat Kellett. Players ready for action are IBEW’s Eric Levy (right) and Local 562’s Anthony Logaglio. Referee is Derek Bilyue, the brother of Local 1 journeyman/player Kyle Bilyeu.

A special logo for the event was created by Local 562 journeyman welder Mike Sweeney that was used on a special t-shirt to memorialize the event.

The game was played at the Mills Ice Zone, the official practice facility of the St. Louis Blues located in the POWERPlex sports complex, formerly the St. Louis Outlet Mall, in Hazelwood.

The unions plan on this being an annual event.

– All photos by IBEW Local 1 Business Rep. John Kahrhoff


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