Greitens’ ‘act of profound cowardice’


I’d like to say something about the decision Gov. Greitens made to lower the minimum wage in the City of St. Louis.

Not only is this wrong, cruel and disgusting, it’s an act of profound cowardice.

The governor is going to allow this bill to become law without his signature because this governor has ambitions to run for president one day. Not only does he think hard-working men and women in St. Louis aren’t worth $10 an hour, he doesn’t even have the backbone to put his name to it.

Of course, I wanted him to veto this bill. But the cynicism of the governor allowing it to become law without his signature because he hopes it’ll shield him from attacks later in his political career shows complete and total lack of leadership. It’s not a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness.

Eric Greitens wants to be president of the United States one day. But leaders must lead. They must have clear principles and the ability to articulate what they believe is right and wrong, and why.

If this governor wanted to spend his time and energy pushing for this wage cut in the halls of our state capitol — and he did — then he should have had the political courage to sign his name to it. But he didn’t. If you are unwilling to clearly state your beliefs, chances are that your beliefs aren’t very popular.

I will not stop fighting for a higher minimum wage in St. Louis and the rest of the state.

I will not stop seeking every avenue possible to raise wages for ALL workers in this state.

But you can be sure of one thing – no matter what position I take on a subject, whether you like it or not, I will sign my name to it. I will always put my name down when I believe in something, and I believe in a better life for Missourians.

By the way Governor Greitens, THIS is how you put your name on what you believe.

David Cook

President, UFCW Local 655

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