Have you signed a petition to Todd Schnuck yet asking him not to fire 234 workers?

Schnuck petitions
A SAMPLE of the more than 6,000 signatures, with comments, already sent to Schnuck Markets CEO Todd Schnuck.

More than 6,000 have; Schnuck ignoring them. More, LOTS MORE, are needed to get his attention

Have you signed one of the three petitions to send a message to Schnuck Markets that the St. Louis community will not stand for the company firing 234 families, 190 of them Teamsters Local 688 warehouse workers?

If not, please do so quickly as the mid-July deadline for Schnucks to begin firings is drawing closer. Schnuck CEO Todd Schnuck has to know loud and clear that if he replaces all these union workers with scabs, his bottom line will suffer.

And while there is no official boycott, yet, hundreds have already stopped shopping as evident by their comments on social media.

You can help by signing one the petitions sponsored by Jobs with Justice, Moveon.org and the Tri-County Labor Club. Click here to take action.

More than 6,000 signatures have already been sent to Todd Schnuck, but so far he’s decided to ignore his customers. Let’s pile it on.

Here are some of the petitioner comments Todd now has:


  • “Please negotiate with the union! We have faith in Schnucks!” – Michelle Carpenter, Lake St. Louis
  • “Schnucks, don’t break your great good record. From a regular customer.” – Phyllis Jacobson
  • “Please stop listening to that ignorant consultant you hired away from Walmart.” – Neil Hale, Bethalto, IL
  • “Mr. lame duck Schnucks since you decided to do the unthinkable my family has gone to other stores this last month for groceries, totaling 800 big ones. Your company won’t see again. It’s not too late to change your mind. So do the right thing.” – Tim Janes, O’Fallon
  • “Schnucks should think about the human toll of laying off 190 workers for lower paid, less dedicated workers in their new warehouse! We the public will not forget this!” – Angeline Stamme
  • “Stop being Greedy Schnucks. These are FAMILIES.” – Sharon Wack, Villa Ridge
  • “Friends of mine depend on their job at Schnuck’s and have young mouths to feed. Let’s TRULY AND ACTUALLY make America great again by defending its unions and workers.” – Rebecca Hyland
  • “Haven’t shopped at WM in years because of the way they treat employees. Hope you don’t go the same way.”– Sharon Flottman


  • “I have been a Schnucks customer since I moved into the area in 1995, and I have been getting my rather expensive prescriptions filled at Schnucks Pharmacy for the last few years. But I will take my business elsewhere to stand with union workers if this plan goes through.” – David Dean, St. Ann
  • “All these years as a union electrician I have supported Shop ‘n Save, Schnucks and Dierbergs even though they are higher priced than Walmart because of principle. Well at least I will still have Shop ‘n Save, and Dierbergs.” – Catha Miller, O’Fallon
  • “Guess I’ll find another store to take my $500 a month to.” – Brad Koch
  • “I have been to Schnucks customer for years and years and years. Please do the right thing. I don’t want to stop shopping at your stores, but I will if it will send a message.” – Becky, Kirkwood
  • “I will stop going there if teamsters lose their jobs.” – Tommckiddy
  • “Hate to leave my Schnucks, but Dierbergs is just as close.” – Peggie Dean
  • “I primarily shop at Schnucks, but I will shop elsewhere if the union warehouse workers are replaced.” – Sandi Powell
  • “I live right next to a Schnucks, and it’s my regular grocery store. But I’ll move my business if you fire your Teamsters.” – Tyler Connoley
  • “Shop n Save is literally right across the street, ya know… So easy to switch over.” – Karen Zimmermann
  • “I like shopping @ Schnucks, but I will stop if you persist in trying to destroy the unions by hiring scab help!!” – Chuck Johnson, Bethalto, IL


  • “Proud member of CWA Local 6300. No more Schnucks for this Union family!” – William Richter
  • “Guess I won’t be shopping at the Pekin, IL 62554 Schnucks.” – Mike Horn
  • “I will no longer be shopping at any Schnucks store. The reason is the replacement of Union Warehouse workers. I always thought of Schnucks being a friend in the St. Louis area. I no longer feel this way.” – Judy Ferber, Sappington
  • “I’m really disappointed in the company. As a union tradesman I was always proud to shop there because of Schnucks commitment to the community and its workers. I will never spend my hard earned union wages there again.” – Matthew Andrews
  • “I will not be shopping at Schnucks until you agree to keep on the warehouse workers at their current rate of pay with their current benefit package.” – Jeannine Lesage
  • “These union-earned dollars won’t be spent in your stores any more. – Cheri pierce, St Charles
  • “I am sorry this is how you choose to run your business. I will be shopping elsewhere.” – Jerry Fenelon, Collinsville, IL

The handwriting is on the wall. From across the bi-state region, customers are reacting negatively to Schnucks planned move into a scab warehouse this summer. Does the company value its customers enough to listen?

Or will they make the move and in effect be telling their customers, “Go to Hell?”


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