Hillary Clinton touts economic plan during stop at Sheet Metal Workers Local 36

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN STOP: U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) (at the microphone) introduced Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to an enthusiastic crowd of about 500 supporters at Sheet Metal Workers (SMART) Local 36 union hall and training center at Jefferson and Choteau avenues last month. – Gary Otten/IUPAT DC 58 photo

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton touted her economic plan during a campaign stop at Sheet Metal Workers (SMART) Local 36 Hall at Jefferson and Choteau avenues in St. Louis.

Speaking to a crowd of about 500 supporters, Clinton said: “I am not running for my husband’s third term, and I am not running for President (Barack) Obama’s third term — I’m running for my first term.”

Clinton outlined an economic plan that would raise the minimum wage, use tax credits to attempt to lure U.S. businesses back to American soil and create a “National Infrastructure Bank” to overhaul the nation’s transportation system.

She went on to list of things she vowed to defend, including civil rights, gay rights, voting rights and Social Security.

Recent polls put Clinton comfortably ahead of her closest challenger for the Democratic nomination, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Clark Floor

The vast majority of Clinton’s speech was dedicated to turning the election into a referendum on economic issues.

“I don’t think President Obama gets the praise he deserves” for the economic recovery he ushered in after inheriting the 2008 recession, Clinton said. Republicans frequently insist that the recovery has been anemic.

Without naming any of the Republican presidential contenders, Clinton slammed them en masse for their economic proposals, most of which involve tax cuts that she said would disproportionately help the wealthy.

“Our economy does best when we have a Democrat in the White House. It’s just a fact,” Clinton


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