IBEW Local 1 bannering Metropolitan Sewer District


MSD boycottIBEW Local 1 is bannering St Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) for hiring Streib Electric Company to install a new backup generator at MSD’s headquarters facility at 2350 Market Street in St. Louis.

Streib Electric Company pays below area standard wages and benefits negotiated by Local 1 and has no known minority employees.

This despite the fact that MSD claims to be “leading the way” on minority participation based on the results of its recent disparity study performed at taxpayers’ expense.

In addition, MSD will soon be going to the Civil Service Commission and the Board to Trustees to seek a customer rate hike.

MSD’s Director of Operations Jonathan Sprague, when asked by a Local 1 business representative about the fact that Streib has no known minority employees, replied, “That requirement only applies to projects in excess of $500,000 and they did not have to have minority participation on the generator project.”


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