IBEW Local 1 banners Carpenters’ use of Local 57 contractor for work at union hall

BANNERING THE CARPENTERS’ use of a substandard Local 57 electrical contractor for work at the Carpenters union hall on Hampton Ave. in St. Louis are (from left) IBEW Local 1 members Rick Dinnella and Brian Sinamon. – John Kahrhoff/IBEW Local 1 photo

Electrical Workers Local 1 continues to call out the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council for replacing a Local 1 union contractor already on the job with a substandard Local 57 contractor for work at the Carpenters union hall at 1401 Hampton Ave., St. Louis.

IBEW Local 1 picketed the project on June 14 to let the public and fellow union members know about the Carpenters’ actions. Last week, the infamous “rat” joined the campaign with a “Shame on the Carpenters Union” banner.

“This is about trade unionist values and the solidarity of the Labor Movement.” IBEW, Local 1 Business Manager Frank Jacobs said. “We never want to see any job – particularly work at our union halls – that undercuts the standards of other union tradesmen.”

Local 57 is a non-AFL-CIO electricians “union” within the Carpenters’ District Council. It is the only known effort of its kind in the U.S. where an “electrical union” — or any other so-called union — is housed within a Carpenters union or any other union. Electricians working for Reinhold Electric and working under the Local 57 contract receive wages and benefits far below the area standards for electricians.

“Our victory over Prop A (‘right-to-work’) demonstrated the steadfast commitment of our unions and Missouri voters to protecting union standards,” Jacobs said. “We’re calling on the Carpenters to demonstrate the same commitment at their union hall and when representing workers.”

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