IBEW Local 1 members re-elect officers


IBEW Local 1 had nominations for office on May 3.

There were no nominations other than the current officers. Election Judge Tim Green, IBEW Local 1 and director of governmental affairs for IBEW/NECA, made a motion that the officers be elected by acclamation. The motion was seconded and was passed unanimously.

The following officers were re-elected:

• Business Manager Frank Jacobs

• President Don Bresnan Jr.

• Financial Secretary Jim Douglas 

• Vice President Frank Valleroy Jr.

• Recording Secretary Chris Clermont

• Treasurer Dave Roth

• Executive Board members: Steve Dussold, Jim Reinheimer Jr., Nick Sachse, Greg Schwartz and Jeff Witt.

• Examining Board members: Tom George Jr., Josh Peniston and Sylvester Taylor II.

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