IBEW Local 1 picketing Carpenters union hall over use of substandard Local 57 contractor

CALLING OUT the Carpenters union’s use of a substandard Local 57 electrical contractor Reinhold Electric for work at the Carpenters hall on Hampton Ave. in St. Louis, IBEW Local 1 put up a picket outside the hall to call out the Carpenters’ unfathomably wrong action. Taking the message to the public and fellow union members were (from left) Local 1 member Rick Dinnella and Business Representative Jeff Witt. – John Kahrhoff/IBEW Local 1 photo


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1 is calling out the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council for replacing a Local 1 union contractor already on the job with a substandard Local 57 contractor, Reinhold Electric, for work at the Carpenters union hall at 1401 Hampton Ave., St. Louis.

IBEW Local 1 picketed the project Friday, June 14, to let the public and fellow union members know about the Carpenters’ actions even as a Carpenters’ signatory contractor Miller & Maack Construction, has five union carpenters doing work at Local 1’s union hall.

IBEW, Local 1 Business Manager Frank Jacobs said, “Labor leaders should have trade unionist values. As a trade unionist you should do what is right by union crafts.”

Kaemmerlen Electric, an IBEW Local 1 signatory contractor, was originally subcontracted to do temperature control work at the Carpenters’ hall. Dave Schumaker, a journeyman wireman with Kaemmerlen was on site running conduit when a Carpenters business agent told him to leave and informed him that Local 57 contractor Reinhold would be completing the work.

Local 57 is a non-AFL-CIO electricians “union” within the Carpenters’ District Council. Electricians working for Reinhold and working under the Local 57 contract receive wages and benefits far below the area standards for electricians.

After the picket went up, IBEW, Local 1 received a letter from the Carpenters’ in-house attorney mandating the use of a dual-gate system, effective Saturday, June 15. The dual gate system is a classic union-busting employer’s move to force picketers away from the main entrance of a project or property in an effort to avoid having other union workers refuse to cross the picket line.



  • Thanks for putting this out. People are fooling themselves if they think they will not organize their trade or steal their work. Why would they just not try to organize non union carpenters? They are a big part of the whole labor movement losing work as they will work with anyone and steal anyone’s work.

  • That’s some wormy shit especially if local 57 is crossing picket line.!!!!

  • Retired IBEW lu124 Kansas City
    I remember when I heard that the carpenters union in St. Louis started the carptricians Union, I thought then and even more so now what a joke what a slap in the face to the IBEW and really a slap in the face to all unions, what is to stop the carpenters to next month start a plumbers union, then HVAC, then an iron workers union, I ask myself how in the hell did the construction labor unions let this happen, to me it is a sad day for all of labor unions as we not only got to fight the non union we have to fight another construction labor union to stay out of our back yard, maybe the other construction unions should start another carpenters union.

  • When Reinhold is doing work under Davis-Bacon Act (prevailing wage), they have been caught cheating on the wages at least four or more times but are still allowed to work on jobs with federal funding. How fair is that? “Wormy shit” for sure.

  • These people operate on paper as a union but are actually non union contractors. Pays much less than IBEW. Uses minorities for a face card to get government contracts then fire them slightly before they journey out to cut cost on labor in the long run. Wash,rinse,repeat,


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