If you’re thinking of voting for Trump…


You’re pissed, really pissed. Nothing seems to be going right. Gridlock everywhere. On Tuesday you’re going to vote for Donald Trump for president because it’s time to shake things up!

As a person who earns a living from hard work rather than “investments,” we urge you to consider a few critical issues before you vote:

  • Trump publicly says you make too much money! What?! We can’t keep up with the rest of the world, he says, who are paying $5 a DAY, pennies an hour, to their workers. Are you ready to compete with China and Bangladesh by making your wages as tiny as theirs? We don’t think so. But that’s what Trump will try to do.
  • He wants to pass a phony “right-to-work” law that ultimately will reduce your wages, force you to pay more for your health and welfare, and reduce your pensions. That’s exactly what has happened in RTW states. You will earn less money and destroy your family’s future.
  • He’s screwed dozens of small businesses and the employees who have worked on his projects. Ignoring signed contracts, he pays them a fraction of what was agreed and challenges them to sue him to collect the rest. The results? Many went bankrupt; jobs lost, families wrecked.
  • Trump is not the great businessman he claims to be. An excerpt from a Newsweek investigation: “Lost contracts, bankruptcies, defaults, deceptions and indifference to investors — Call it the art of the bad deal, one created by the arrogance and recklessness of a businessman whose main talent is self-promotion.” He will be equally and scarily inept at running the business of government.
  • Trump has NO actual solutions for America’s ills. He only has meaningless slogans – powerful with some – that play on the fears of people who don’t have the time or take the time to seek the truth behind his claims. Emotions don’t make good government; driving a forward agenda does.
  • It’s his way or the highway, and that’s the road to disaster. He’s a ruthless, unethical businessman. He’s a bully. He tears down hope rather than building a future for us. He hurts people to achieve his own shoddy goals. He divides. He doesn’t lead people toward a better tomorrow. He’s forgotten that he lives in a democracy, where we all have a voice.
  • Trump has lost the support of his own party, its leaders and its financial backers. Even the infamous anti-union Koch Brothers won’t donate to him though Trump is rabidly anti-worker and anti-union.
  • Trump does NOT respect women, he’s made that clear in his own words and actions. How would you feel if the groping were directed at your wife, your daughters or granddaughters, or girlfriend (for you single guys!)?
  • Not a single major Republican newspaper has endorsed him. Just the opposite, more than 50 are supporting Hillary Clinton. For example, for the first time since 1890, the Arizona Republic endorsed a Democrat. USA TODAY, in its 34-year history having never taken sides in a presidential race, said that Donald Trump is “unfit for the presidency.”
  • Lifelong conservative Republican writers oppose him: George Will, Erick Erickson, David French, Jonah Goldberg, and Kevin Williamson to name only a few.
  • Trump openly lies over and over. A prime example, he touts himself as a major giver to charities. It was discovered that his foundation takes other people’s donated money and gives it as his own donation, not crediting the actual givers. Scores of investigations have failed to show he gives to charity to the extent he brags he does.

Brothers and Sisters, your frustration is understood. But voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday is not the answer.


Let’s get this out: you’re frustrated because Congress hasn’t done anything to help working families, right? Thanks to the Republicans’ years of haranguing, your anger is focused on President Obama and Hillary Clinton as the reason.

WRONG. Who controls the majority in Congress and who forced the stalemate: CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS.

The day after President Obama was elected, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republicans would never let President Obama’s agenda pass.

Brothers and Sisters, it’s time to take back America’s political system so that it can work effectively for ALL of us, not just the 1 percent that Trump represents.

It’s time that American workers voted for themselves, for their pocketbook issues.

Do you really want the voice of Donald Trump pushing his hateful agenda after November 8?

If you’re NOT happy with the way things are, if you really want to shake up Washington, vote Democratic… and for those pro-worker Republicans endorsed by COPE in Missouri and Illinois.

Jason Kander, Missouri’s Secretary of State running for the U.S. Senate against 20-year ineffective incumbent Roy Blunt, says it best in his commercial: “If you want to change Washington, you have to change the people we send there.”

Tuesday will determine your future. Please VOTE!



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