Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans endorses Mathis




Gillespie, IL – The Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans has endorsed Democratic candidate Mike Mathis of Gillespie for state representative in the 95th District.

“Mike Mathis has shown a record of public service with a commitment to issues impacting senior citizens,” the group stated. “As a U.S. Army Veteran and former coal miner, he has an understanding of the needs of middle-class retirees.”

Alliance President Barbara Franklin noted that incumbent Republican Avery Bourne, has repeatedly failed to vote for or has voted against legislation to meet the needs of seniors in Illinois, such as House Bill 4351 to protect vital senior services, which Avery voted against in April.

“The 95th District needs new leadership to represent the needs of retirees,” Franklin said. “Mike Mathis will listen to and be a champion for seniors locally and across Illinois.”

Said Mathis: “Seniors have spent a lifetime working to build our communities, care for their families and provide a better future, and they deserve vital care and the autonomy to make the best decisions for themselves.”

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