Kander challengers Blunt to 10 televised debates


Blunt launches attack ads

Jason Kander, the Democratic U.S. Senate nominee recently challenged his rival, incumbent Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, to a series of 10 televised debates.

Those debates would be in each of the state’s major media markets, including St. Louis.

“Missouri voters have already seen – and will likely continue to see – dark money groups spending millions of dollars in advertising on TV,” Kander wrote in an open letter to Blunt. “Missourians deserve to hear from us directly on the issues that matter, and hopefully one of those issues will be ending unlimited dark money spending.”

A friend of working families and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Kander said he hopes that the campaign can “rise above the fray: and that he and Blunt can have “a respectful and rigorous exchange of ideas that the people of Missouri can be proud of.”

He said his campaign would be in touch with Blunt’s campaign soon to begin negotiations.


For his part, Blunt kicked off the general election by going negative with his first two television ads. Both the ads grossly distort Kander’s record in the latest sign that Blunt is panicking after two public polls put the race in a statistical tie.

“Instead of trying to boost his dismal image with Missouri’s middle class families, Senator Blunt has kicked off the general election with a smear campaign against Jason because he knows that Missourians are ready for a new generation of leadership,” said Chris Hayden, communications director for the Kander campaign. “The contrast in this election is clear. While Senator Blunt has spent his career fighting for Washington special interests and serving D.C. lobbyists, Jason has fought for Missouri’s middle class families at home and overseas.”

As Secretary of State Kander cut $1 million from his office’s budget while providing more services than any of his predecessors. Despite a dramatic increase in the number of initiative petitions filed with the Secretary of State’s office and a “flood” of legal challenges predating Kander taking office, of the 146 ballot initiatives Kander has certified only two have had ballot language changes from judges.

Kander has advocated for alternative forms of energy to protect the U.S., such as the Keystone Pipeline, opposes closing Guantanamo Bay prison and the Iran Deal, and supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

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