Kaufman Fund gives away 300 live Christmas trees to local veterans

SPREADING CHEER among local veterans, The Kaufman Fund gave out 300 fresh-cut Christmas trees and stands Dec. 13 to deserving veterans to help them celebrate the season as part of its Trees for Vets program. The tree giveaway took place in Manchester, Mo. – KMOV-TV Channel 4 screengrab

Last month, we shared with readers that the Trees for Vets program sponsored by The Kaufman Fund was in need of financial help in its goal of providing Christmas trees for local veterans.

Because of the pandemic, the non-profit Fund’s normal fundraising programs to support vets have been curtailed, necessitating a public appeal for financial support. That support came through with flying colors.

The Fund was able to provide 300 fresh-cut trees and stands to deserving veterans to help them celebrate this season. The group and its volunteers gave away the trees on Dec. 13 in Manchester, Mo.

Organizers say the program took on special meaning this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“With COVID, people really need something in their lives to cheer them up, and we’re hoping the Christmas tree is it,” Kaufman Fund spokesperson Irwin Loiterstein told KMOV-TV Ch. 4 at the event. “Plus, there was a big Christmas tree shortage this year, and for us to be able to give away 300 trees was really great.”

The Trees for Vets program, which launched in 2014, has provided over 1,800 trees and stands to area veterans.

The Kaufman Fund offers numerous other programs for local vets. To learn more, visit thekaufmanfund.org.



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