Keep things union clean as you quarantine


There is no denying that the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic is as challenging as it is disruptive. For those of you holed up in your homes, this is a perfect time to get to those “spring cleaning” projects, while keeping your living space virus free.

The cleaning supplies below are made by ethical companies who treat their workers fairly and give them a voice on the job.

This spring, if you plan to clean, make the ethical choice to clean union. A special shout out to two popular union products — Lysol and Clorox — which are both noted as being effective in combating the Coronavirus by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Center for Biocide Chemistries.

And while you’re at it, check out the Labor 411 Coronavirus Resource Center for Working Families.

Keep it clean, stay healthy and let’s all help build a stronger America!

• Ajax (IBT, IBEW, UFCW) • All laundry detergent (IBT, IBEW, UFCW) • Borateem laundry detergent (UFCW, IBT, USW) • Bowl Fresh toilet bowl sanitizer • Deodorizers (IBT, IBEW, UFCW) • Clorox* (IBT, IBEW, UFCW) • Craftsman (IBEW, IBT) • Fab laundry detergent (IBT) • Final Touch fabric softener (IBT, IBEW) • Hi-Lex Bleach (IBT) • Liquid Plumber (IBT IBEW) • Lysol* (IBT, IBEW) • Minwax (IBT) • Mop & Glo (IBT, IBEW) • Osram Sylvania lightbulbs (IAMAW, IBEW, UAW) • Purex (IBT, IBEW) • Renewenz dishwashing detergent (IBDW, IBT, USW) • Rit dye laundry treatment (IUE-CWA) • Snuggle (IBT, IBEW) • Soft Scrub (IBT, IBEW) • Sunlight detergent (IBT, IBEW) • Surf detergent (IBT, IBEW) • Tide (IBT, IBEW).

*EPA Coronavirus approved: Source, Labor 411



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