Koster holds record for prevailing wage prosecutions


Warns opponent favors right-to-work (for less) law

Kansas City—Atty. Gen Chris Koster told delegates to the Missouri AFL-CIO convention here that he had successfully prosecuted more prevailing wage violations in the state than any other prosecutor in the history of the state and found union leaders a valuable source of information in helping him become a better attorney general.

“I have made it a policy to make about a hundred phone calls a month to business agents all over the state and I have found it very useful in keeping my ear to the ground in communities all over Missouri,” Koster told the 250 delegates in backing up his claim that his office understands the importance of enforcing labor laws.

Contrary to a popular belief, he said, “The Democratic Party is Missouri’s law enforcement party.” He pointed out U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, Gov. Jay Nixon and himself are all former prosecuting attorneys.

His Republican opponent, Ed Martin, on the other hand, has no law enforcement experience, “has never prosecuted a case and knows virtually nothing about the attorney general’s office and its importance, he said.

If Martin is elected, he warned, he would join other Republicans in trying to get a phony right-to-work (for less) law passed in Missouri. He and his extreme friends in the Republican Party will take us back to the 19th Century if they win this election.

“That’s why this election is so important. Not only for Labor, but for all Americans. “

Koster said he had been a friend of organized labor since the beginning of his career as a Republican prosecuting attorney for Cass County. When he found his supportive views on organized labor had no support in the state senate, he switched parties and ran for attorney general as a Democrat.


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