Labor and management working together to keep work sites safe, construction moving during COVID-19 crisis

LABOR UNIONS AND CONTRACTORS are working together to ensure the health and safety of workers on job sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Area Labor unions and construction contractors are working together to ensure the health and safety of workers on jobsites during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Unions and construction contractors already have much of the infrastructure in place to help confront the current COVID-19 crisis, Charlie Goodwin, chair of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Missouri Labor Policy Committee and president of Goodwin Brothers Construction Co., says, but there’s much more that needs to be accomplished quickly.

Labor and management are working together to do that important work.

“Labor and management have all moved swiftly to take care of the workers, contractors and owner employees working on or near job sites,” Goodwin said. “Work is moving forward in a safe and prudent way. Constant and regular communications has helped us stay on top of the situation and implement shared best practices.”

“We’ve established a special ‘PROTECT YOURSELF. PROTECT OTHERS.’ COVID-19 online resource center ( where contractors and suppliers are sharing best practices,” AGCMO’s president Leonard Toenjes said. “Contractors are following, and many, exceeding  CDC and OSHA guidelines, and we’re issuing daily updates with the latest information and findings.

“In addition to all the hand washing, social distancing and other protections, contractors also are disinfecting gang boxes, shared tools and work spaces, and  using daily safety toolbox talks to help prevent spread of the virus,” Toenjes said. “Many contractors already have implemented daily signed questionnaire protocol on job sites. Depending on the owner, some are even performing daily temperature checks.”

Toenjes added that a new “PROTECT YOURSELF. PROTECT OTHERS” telephone hotline has been established at 314-781-2356, Ext. 1050 where anyone can anonymously report concerns regarding the safety of a job site.

“Labor and management do not want any worker to feel intimidated by a co-worker or supervisor,” added Toenjes. “Our goal is full transparency on all job sites.”

Labor is playing an important leadership role in collaborating with management to confront COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am very proud of our owners, contractors and workers right now,” said John Stiffler, executive secretary/treasurer of the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council. “This is a very challenging situation that requires constant communications, and monitoring, and tremendous cooperation.

“We are fully aware that much of our construction work involves critical infrastructure for our healthcare systems, utilities, municipalities and supply chain companies that are all on the frontlines and under severe duress right now,” Stiffler said. “The community is counting on us to help provide the infrastructure to keep all of these companies and organizations operating during this critical time.”

For additional information, visit or contact AGCMO at 314-781-2356 or call Toll-Free at 844-60-MOAGC.


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