Laborers Local 110 candidate for Troy, MO alderman fighting to save prevailing wage




Troy, MO – Harold Horner, a 17-year member of Laborers Local 110, thought when he retired last July after dealing with back issues, it would be a time of relaxation.

But then he heard a Ward 1 candidate for the Troy Board of Aldermen was complaining about the prevailing wage law and saying that it’s killing the city of Troy. That’s when Horner decided to run, knowing the board needed a voice from Labor.

“They tend to do things the old-fashioned way in Troy,” Horner said. “I’d like to see us move forward and start following the city ordinances and building codes.”

Horner said shoddy contractors get contracts from the city simply because they were the lowest bid. He said he sees the same contractors building sidewalks for the kids to walk to school, but knows they’ll be crumbling like the streets the same contractor poured. In addition, rental property is not being maintained, and the city is not open to new commercial development, Horner said.

“Drive over some of our streets and you better have your seat belt on,” Horner said. “The city street department dabbles in everything, but doesn’t have a whole lot of knowledge about what they’re doing.”

Horner said, as a Laborer, he worked in sewers and around concrete his entire career. In Troy, he said, he’s seen city employees go into sewers with no safety monitors.

“I told them one breath of H2S and they’re done,” Horner said. “It’s stuff like that that made me want to run for alderman of Ward 1.”

Horner hopes to save the city some money, see more development of places teens can enjoy and keep prevailing wage going in Troy.

“It’s time to get rid of the good ol’ boy system,” Horner said. “

Horner lives in Troy with his wife, Lori, an educator. Together they have 11 children, 16 grandchildren and have been married for 18 years.


Two other Labor candidates are seeking election April 4 in Troy. They are: incumbent Ward 3 Alderman Dennis Detert and Sarah Toedebusch, a candidate for Lincoln County R-3 School Board.

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