Laborers Local 110 retirees, members receive service pins

Sunset Hills – Laborers Local 110 held a service pin ceremony for its retirees at the Union hall here on June 5, recognizing them for their years of service to LIUNA and to Local 110.

Of the members awarded, the union had eight Gold Card Recipients, which means they have had 50 years without missing a dues payment and are no longer required to pay dues. “Congrats to all and thank you for your dedication to our union,” the union shared on Facebook. Members recognized for their years of service this year include:

HONORED: Laborers Local 110 Business Manager Jose R. Gomez (left) congratulates the retirees receiving their pins.

Bob J. Sweeten

Robert E. Griffin
John W. Mcguire
Ulysses Sykes

James W. Doyle Jr.
Harry G. Friend
Frank J. Lewis
Thomas E. Portell
Wilburn R. Wiles

Richard L. Boyer
William D. Godat
Vernon D. Halter
Ellis W. Harr
Richard P. Hatfield
Larry T. Henson
Gary J. Stock
George P. Wright

Ross E. Adams
Delores A. Allen
Thomas G. Anderson
Joseph E. Asaro
John J. Beckman
William J. Copeland
Ronald F. Devine
Gary W. Elliott
Rick J. Helton
Joe Hurt
Robert J. Keeven
Timothy G. Kozemczak
Lindsay V. Limbaugh
Ronald C. Mcmillen
Joseph F. Ostrich
Jerry D. Pyles
Allen L. Riddle
Michael J. Schmitt
Joseph A. Thebeau
Stanley E. Wallach Jr.

Garrett N. Blankenship
Mark Bleckler
Billy G. Bourbon
Carl F. Bourbon
Elmer Bowling Jr.
William W. Capps
Keith D. Carlyon
Carl E. Chadd
Ron Coots
Robert L. Eime
Oscar E. Forrester
Paul T. Freeman Jr.
James C. Gray
Michael W. Hale
Thomas A. Helfrich
William B. Jones Sr.
Charles E. Ketchum
Michael W. Lutes
James A. Lynch
James F. Meier Sr.
Henry C. Van Meter Jr.
Mark L. Mudd
Michael Orourke
Wallace E. Palmer
Thomas E. Rigdon
Ervin P. Sansoucie Jr.
Michael J. Sellmann
Mark S. Siebert
Mark J. Tungate
Donald L. Willey

Byron N. Black
Melissa J. Copeland
Dennis H. Kohl
Steven A. Laplant
Anthony J. Miller
Michael J. Pope
Gary A. Putman
John J. Sebold
Mark A. Sharkey
Henry L. Tanner
Rollo L. Townsley
Cecil L. Whitaker

Larry J. Akers
Samuel Akers
Randy L. Allen
James P. Aselman
Eric G. Bader
Kim M. Bullar
Daniel R. Butler
Barry W. Cowsert
Ralph L. Coxie
John A. Daniels, III
Tom P. Dawes
Columbus E. Durham
Robert J. Ell
Darren C. Eufinger
Bobby E. Goff Jr.
Lynn F. Haas
Matthew G. Haegele
Arthur B. Hance
Edward T. Harr Jr
William L. Helton Jr.
Douglas E. Hindle
Jonathan B. Hurst
Jeff Juengling
Robert J. Kelly
Thomas Kempf
Steven D. Lachance
Mark A. Lucas
Joseph A. Maddox
David M. Manzotti
Robert Mcgraw
Mark A. Moore
Randall S. Morgan
Richard E. Nance
Jerry L. Rachell
Troy W. Seaton
John D. Sehrt
Michael E. Sovar
Harold L. Starkey
Terry R. Stevens
Greig W. Swyers
John D. Thebeau
Brian J. Vassolo
Gary L. Winchester
Steve A. Wingenbach

Stephen W. Abeln
James Bennett
Timothy J. Brown
James Byron
Darrell Crabtree
Kenneth Ebenrick
George Eidson
James R. Fox
Keith D. House
Donald A. Kirchoff
Keith H. Kramer
Timothy J. Mirth
Robbie P. Nickelson
Larry W. Poggemoeller
Jose G. Quiroz
Alfred J. Radin
Idriz A. Suljic
Daniel P. Trunk
Gregory J. Zimmermann

Mark S. Buescher
Dan P. Fox
Steve Garrett
Robert L. Karius
James A. Kilpatrick
Tim J. Kloster
David Laurentius
Richard F. Leuthauser
Clyde R. Patterson
George Schleusner
Richard J. Wolk

William E. Barnes
Wayne B. Cates
John E. Downey
Gary D. Ewings
Greg A. Lauer

Robert D. Aucutt Jr.
Tim L. Clendenny
Mark A. Harbers
Daniel E. Manley
Todd R. Missey
Bradley K. Pich
James S. Placht
Robert M. Ruble
Mike S. Stricker
Robert J. Waddington

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