Lowe’s looking to hire full-time union-buster


Lowe’s is looking for a union-buster.

The national chain, which is extremely anti-union, is looking to hire someone in house to manage a team of investigators whose job it is to go out and look for possible workers organizing and stop the effort.

According to a job posting on the company’s website, the national chain of stores is looking for an Associate Relations Manager (AR) whose job responsibilities include enhancing the company’s union-free philosophy and monitor workers for possible union organizing efforts.

According to the ad:

“This role will maintain programmatic approaches to union avoidance, support education, and training across the enterprise and provide leadership of direct interventions, as necessary…executes labor relations guiding principles and strategies to support and enhance Lowe’s union-free philosophy, including providing direction on procedures for handling potential unionizing efforts… serves as the day-to-day monitor of union organizing vulnerability…

“To get the job, you must have at least five years of union avoidance training and seven years of work in an HR setting.”

Lowe’s has a long history of opposing efforts to organize their stores. A copy of the video that they show employees to discourage them from joining a union can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eiwqo4sdPiQ.

Lowe’s even got in trouble with the National Labor Relations Board for forbidding employees from talking to each other about how much they were paid. These anti-union efforts caused Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison to be listed as one of UCOMM’s worst CEO’s.

(Ucomm Blog)



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