Madison County Democrats have write-in choice for treasurer



Illinois Correspondent

Granite City – Madison County Democrats can vote in the March 20 primary for a Labor-supporting candidate for county treasurer who could help oust the Republican appointee in November. There’s just one catch – they’ll have to write his name on the ballot.

Chris Miller, a teacher and entrepreneur from a Roxana union family, is seeking to make up for the party’s lack of a treasurer candidate on the primary ballot to oppose the incumbent, Chris Slusser. Slusser was appointed by County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler to replace Prenzler after Prenzler was elected chairman.

Miller has launched ventures including an accounting firm to serve nonprofits and teaches about entrepreneurship at University of Missouri-St. Louis. He attended public schools and both of his parents were union-affiliated teachers.

“I’m the proud product of two public school teachers and a good union family,” Miller told the Labor-Tribune, adding that if he wins a place on the general election ballot he will run a hard and determined campaign.

“I have a deep background in entrepreneurship and education,” he said. “I know what it is like to have to pay the bills, and I know what it is like to make payroll. I know the burden our taxes can sometimes place on middle-class and working families, and I promise I’m going to do everything I can to maximize the value of your taxes and minimize that burden.”


Here’s how to vote for Miller in the primary election:

• Ask for a Democratic ballot.

• Seek out the Madison County treasurer race.

• Find the oval next to “write-in” and fill it in.

• Write “Chris Miller” on the line.

For more information, go to Miller’s webpage at

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