Make sure your voice is heard! Vote absentee


VotingThe Jefferson County Labor Club wants to make sure its members’ voices are heard, and that their votes are counted.

The club recently mailed out 22,000 absentee ballot applications to AFL-CIO members in Jefferson County, so that members working out of town or facing other conflicts can be sure to vote.

“We understand the many members that have lost their jobs and are working out of town to support their families,” Labor Club President Bart Velasco said. “We also understand the demands on our members that are working and how family demands can sometimes make it hard to go to the polls and vote.”

That’s why the club mailed out such a huge number of absentee ballot applications.


By signing and returning the application to their local election office (city or county clerk), members can have a ballot mailed directly to their house.

Requesting an absentee ballot will ensure that their voices are heard.

“Midterm elections are too often ignored by many of our members,” Velasco said. “Struggling unions members who care about their jobs cannot ignore their responsibility to vote in every election. Every election counts,” particularly when right-to-work, paycheck deception, attacks on prevailing wage and other anti-union, anti-worker measures are expected to floated again in the next legislative session.

“Working men and women are under attack,” Velasco said. “Special interest groups are pushing dangerous legislation that will cut your wages and benefits. To combat these special interests, we must engage in one of the nation’s most notable and essential civic responsibilities. We must vote to save our jobs.”

Velasco urged members to vote for labor-friendly, COPE-endorsed candidates and to return their absentee ballot applications immediately.

Additional applications can be obtained by calling the Labor Club office at 636-933-9466.


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