Mark Boyko endorsed in Senate District 15; turncoat Stephen Eagleton supports RTW


A second turncoat Democrat – the first is “alleged” Democrat Courtney Curtis, profiled last week in the Labor Tribune — has turned up in the Aug. 2 primary election: Stephen Eagleton, running as a Democrat in Missouri’s 15th Senate District, who supports right-to-work as does turncoat Curtis.

Eagleton is the nephew of deceased U.S. Senator Tom Eagleton, one of Missouri’s finest Democrats and senators, “Who is spinning in his grave,” said Labor Council President Pat White, in announcing the Council’s COPE endorsement of veteran working man’s attorney Mark Boyko.

Originally, the District 15 race was left open. However, Eagleton, in a shocking announcement July 5 on Public Radio KWMU, said he would support right-to-work, an issue his beloved uncle despised and fought consistently!


It appears Eagleton’s comments were a slip of the tongue because on every website, he has refused to answer questions about his positions.

Example: on the Vote411 site, two basic questions were asked: “What are your top priorities for Missouri?” and “What would you do to increase economic and job growth?” He refused to answer, apparently hoping his famous name would carry the day.


In stark contrast, endorsed candidate Mark Boyko was open and honest: “Right-to-work is proven to lower wages for all workers, union and non-union. It’s the opposite of what we need.”

Boyko is a successful attorney who represents workers only on pension and 401(k) issues. Over his ten-year career, he has won more than $300 million in favorable settlements for workers defrauded by their employers.

screenburstgraphics“I stand up for working men and women,” he proudly states on his website. “I’m not a career politician, I’m a dad who wants to grow our economy, ensure quality schools (his mom was a public school teacher), and put the focus on helping working families.”


Boyko’s belief in union principles is so strong that when he was a referee in the Professional Soccer Referees Association, he refused to scab during a 2014 referee strike.

“We urge all union families in the 15th House District – parts of south and central St. Louis County – to support Mark next week,” said White.

Senator Eric Schmitt (R), who is term-limited out, currently holds the seat.

“This is a great opportunity for a pickup for a Democratic seat,” White said, urging all union members to support Boyko in the primary.

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