Mehlville School District nurses join teacher’s union, approve first contract

NEW UNION, NEW CONTRACT: Mehlville School District nurses and other healthcare professionals have unionized with the Mehlville National Education Association, the teacher’s bargaining unit, and negotiated their first contract. Here, school nurse Kathy Eisele administers a COVID test to a district employee during a drive-through testing event earlier this year. – Mehlville School District photo


Mehlville, MO – Nurses and other healthcare professionals in the Mehlville School District have joined the teachers’ bargaining unit, the Mehlville National Education Association (MNEA), and approved their first contract with the district.

The district’s Board of Education approved the initial contract with the Mehlville Health Professionals Association, a new arm of the MNEA, in September and finalized specifics on the agreement through a memo of understanding last month.

It’s the first time the nurses have negotiated their salaries with the district. The contract, which covers 27 employees, also includes specifics on the collaboration of employee handbooks, staff evaluations and leave time.

Jennifer Hansen, the district’s human resources executive director and chief contract negotiator said there had been an informal agreement between the nurses and the district, but the nurses felt it would be better to get one in writing.

“It turned out to be a good thing for both of us, and we expanded on some things this year,” Hansen told the Call Newspaper. “We have a hardworking group of nurses, and their talents were a big reason why we came through the pandemic so unscathed. We look forward to continue working with the nurses’ group.”

The nurses were previously members of the Missouri State Teachers Association. The new contract is effective for the 2021-2022 school year.

A representative from the Mehlville Health Professionals Association was not able to be reached for comment prior to the Labor Tribune’s deadline.



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