Missouri Fire Fighters endorse Nicole Galloway for State Auditor


The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters has unanimously endorsed Nicole Galloway for re-election as Missouri Auditor.

“Her steadfast resolve to protect Missourians hard-earned tax dollars and her commitment to hold both politicians and political subdivisions accountable for their actions has earned our highest endorsement,” said Council President Sherwood Smith.

Smith said Galloway’s background alone made her a clear choice for state auditor. Galloway has a degree in applied mathematics and masters of business administration, and is both a certified fraud examiner and certified public accountant.

“Missouri’s fire fighters and first responders risk their lives to keep our communities safe, and they deserve to know their governing organizations are operating with integrity and transparency,” Galloway said. “I am honored and proud of the support I have earned from Missouri’s fire fighters and will keep working to make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs.

The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters represents over 6,000 fire fighters, emergency medical workers (EMT’s), paramedics, assistant prosecuting attorneys, public safety officers, other first responders and their families.

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