Missouri Republicans resorting to ‘falsehoods and lies’ to try to defeat Labor-endorsed Trish Gunby


Special election for 99th House District is next Tuesday, Nov. 5


TRISH GUNBY has been endorsed by the Missouri AFL-CIO and the St. Louis Labor Council in the Nov. 5 special election for Missouri’s 99th House District.

Worker-friendly Democrat Trish Gunby has a real chance of flipping Missouri’s 99th House District in the special election on Nov. 5, and that’s making Republicans nervous.

So nervous in fact that they’ve resorted to internet attack ads and mailers full of falsehoods, doctored photos and racist dog whistles to try to falsely tie Gunby to former St. Louis County executive Steve Stenger, who was convicted on federal corruption charges earlier this year.
The ads are sponsored by the House Republican Campaign Committee.

The 99th District includes parts of Manchester, Twin Oaks, Valley Park and unincorporated St. Louis County. The seat has been vacant since February when Rep. Jean Evans (R-Manchester) resigned to become executive director of the Missouri GOP.

Gunby says Republicans are resorting to “falsehoods and lies” to try win the seat.

“A second mailer just arrived in my mailbox with a picture of me and Steve Stenger,” Gunby told the Labor Tribune last week. “They sent one out calling me a socialist, one saying Steve Stenger and I are singing the same tune and we both like ‘Better Together,’” the failed proposal for a statewide vote to merge St. Louis City and County governments.

One of the ads features cut-out pictures of Gunby and Stenger on a map of St. Louis and St. Louis County with arrows that read “drugs” and “crime” pointing from the city to the county.

Gunby has worked on regional consolidation efforts but says she never met Stenger and opposed the ill-fated “Better Together” plan because it would have made Stenger the new “metro mayor” and reduced the political clout of city residents and minorities.

“I believe we need to address this regionally,” Gunby said. “People from other parts of Missouri shouldn’t be voting on issues that affect St. Louis City and County. It should be a decision that we make regionally. I don’t know what that looks like, but I was not a fan of ‘Better Together.’”

Gunby has been endorsed by the St. Louis Labor Council and the Missouri AFL-CIO. She supports:

  • Increasing funding for higher education and vocational training, protecting and promoting union apprenticeship programs, and protecting public school funding from government voucher handouts.
  • Instituting a living wage and supporting workers’ rights to collectively bargain to protect the middle class from the growing power of mega-companies and the super-wealthy.
  • Finance infrastructure programs that repair Missouri’s crumbling roads, bridges and riverside levees, along with other structures that keep freight and capital moving.
  • Protect the Affordable Care Act from attacks that negatively affect older citizens, people
    with disabilities and children whose families cannot afford exclusive, private healthcare plans.
  • Bring all parties to the table to create a unified governance model for the St. Louis region, one that doesn’t repeat the missteps and inequities of the “Better Together” plan.

For more information on where Gunby stands on these and other issues, visit www.trishgunby.com.

The Missouri AFL-CIO has been conducting Labor walks with union volunteers going door-to-door in support of her election.
There are two more walks scheduled before Election Day:

  • Saturday – Nov. 2, 2019 – 10 a.m.
  • Monday – Nov. 4, 2019 – 4 p.m.

The walks will start at UFCW Local 655 Union Hall at 300 Weidman Rd. Ballwin, Mo. 63011
For more information about participating, contact Lori Giannini at 314-780-2270.


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