Missouri voters already rejected RTW; don’t sign petition to put it back on the ballot

MISSOURI VOTERS overwhelming defeated Prop A (RTW) last August. A new petition seeking to make RTW part of the Missouri Constitution would put it back on the ballot. – Charlie Riedel/AP photo

Just a few short months after Missouri voters overwhelming rejected Proposition A, a new petition could place another so-called “right-to-work” (RTW) initiative on the 2020 ballot.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has certified a petition submitted by former GOP chair Todd Graves that would allow Missouri voters to make Missouri a RTW state through a constitutional amendment.

“We made a statement last year,” the Missouri AFL-CIO said in a statement. “We DO NOT want ‘right-to-work.’ Yet greedy CEOs are trying to bring it up again. Know before you sign any petition.”

It will take more than 160,000 valid signatures to put a RTW amendment on the 2020 ballot; if enough voters ignore the petition drive, a right-to-work amendment can’t go forward.

So-called RTW laws limit workers’ ability to negotiate for better pay and working conditions by baring union-represented businesses from negotiating contracts that assure workers will either pay dues or a smaller “fair share” fee to cover the union’s cost of bargaining and representation. It has been a top Republican priority during recent years, but Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected a RTW ballot measure in the August 2018 primary election, with 67 percent of Missourians voting against becoming a RTW state.

“Someone didn’t get the message,” said Scott Howell, business manager of Laborers Local 579 in St. Joseph, MO. “This is an attack on not just union people, but an attack on working class people throughout the state of Missouri; it’s targeted them. Any time voters speak like that, I think the will of the people should be taken into account” Howell said.


  1. How about investigating KCP&L electric company and the company it merged with. I’ve lived my whole life in Mo and have never had as high if electric Bill’s as I do now. No person should have $1200 electric bill and cold weather/average pay plan bill of almost $800 a month..something isnt right plus they re evaluate Bill’s every month or every few months now not every year like they use too. REA electric in same are isnt charging as much as kcpl is and REA customers Bill’s are half if what ours is. Please have mo energy commission, attorney general, Governor or whoever look into this. People cant afford these outragous prices, we have digital meter and wonder how much they mess up readings especially when it freezes outside.

  2. Just look up all the Gop senators and representatives in MO state government. That is the list of who is pulling this bullshit


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