Mo AFL-CIO urges action to stop ‘RTW,’ paycheck deception measures


Hugh McVey, president of the Missouri AFL-CIO, says extremists are “set to strike in the General Assembly” and is urging union members to call their senators now to voice their opposition to “right-to-work” (for less) and paycheck deception measures.

Both are political attacks meant to shut down the voices of hard working Missourians and limit their rights on the job.

“ ‘Right-to-work’ is a ripoff. So is paycheck deception,” McVey said. “It was true when Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected “right-to-work” at the ballot box and it couldn’t be more true today. Extreme politicians are pushing these bills hard – all to reward the CEOs and special interests who funnel money into elections and expect political payback.

“Divisive bills like these won’t create any jobs and won’t fix what’s wrong with our state.” McVey said. “They will just make it harder for us to join together and work for better wages and benefits, safer workplaces and fight discrimination.”


Call 1-888-907-9711 now, listen to McVey’s message, then enter your five-digit zip code to be connected to the senator for your area and tell them you strongly oppose “right-to-work” (for less) and paycheck deception.


Paycheck deception has already reared its ugly head in the Missouri Senate, but last week’s winter storm bought some time for labor leaders and labor-friendly legislators fighting the measure.

Senate Bill 29, sponsored by Sen. Dan Brown, (R-Rolla), eliminates the ability of public labor union members to use payroll deduction to pay their dues.  The bill also imposes unnecessary and burdensome paperwork requirements on voluntary contributions by public union employees for political contributions.

The Senate was set to debate the measure Feb. 19, but debate was postponed after leaders changed plans to shorten the week and leave before an approaching winter storm.

The bill was placed on the “informal calendar,” meaning the Senate could return to the issue at any time during the remainder of session.


Several “right-to-work” (for less) measures are also winding their way through the legislature. These bills are designed to weaken unions financially and inject government into contract negotiations by forcing union members to support non-union freeloaders, allowing them to get the benefits of the union contract without paying their fair share of the cost.


Snow plow drivers, firefighters, police officers and utility workers who provide critical services and didn’t get a day off during the recent winter storm will lose their rights if SB29 and other paycheck deception and “right-to-work” (for less) bills in the Missouri legislature pass.

“Our everyday heroes are counting on us to take action,” McVey said. “These unsafe, unfair and unnecessary bills would silence the voices of the hardworking Missourians who protect our safety and keep our communities working.”



Call 1-888-907-9711 to tell your senator you strongly oppose these and other anti-union, anti-worker measures.


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