MO Rep. Gardner reiterates her opposition to RTW, thanks unions for their advocacy

Kim Gardner 2Missouri Representative Kim Gardner (D-St. Louis), who led the House floor debate against overturning Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of this session’s right-to-work legislation, visited with the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council last week to reiterate her opposition to the anti-worker measure and thank unions for what they have done for the nation’s working class.

Gardner is also considering a run for St. Louis circuit attorney.

“All of us in the Senate and House benefit from the unions,” Gardner said. “I would not have a livable wage to support my family; we would not have health benefits; we would not have pensions if it weren’t for the unions. When we don’t advocate, we lose. The unions benefit all workers, union and non-union alike.”

Which is why, Gardner says, she stands in opposition to right-to-work, which protects the interests of business owners and corporations at the expense of their workers.

“We have to protect working class families,” Gardner said. “That’s who we have to protect. If it’s wasn’t for you working for a better quality of life, we would be affected greatly.”

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