More RTW lies hitting Missouri mailboxes


RTW funders are getting worried, big time!

They must be really worried!

The dark money, out-of-state funders of the so-called “right-to-work” effort in Missouri are once again flooding targeted ZIP codes with oversized postcards that are absolute lies.

The second round of negative, anti-worker propaganda — two more mailers — hit certain mailboxes recently in an obvious effort to slow down the petition signing campaign to put RTW on the ballot to let the Missouri voters decide. According to a Labor Tribune survey, not everyone is receiving the postcards.

These are postcards three and four. The Labor Tribune exposed the lies in the first two in our June 22 issue.  The mailers are being paid for by the Koch Brothers-funded Americans For Prosperity Foundation.


The postcards keep repeating the same lies, following the basic marketing concept that a lie repeated often enough becomes “the truth.”

Thousands of workers and union volunteers are out across the state gathering signatures to put the phony RTW issue on the 2018 ballot. These mailers are a clear attempt to misinform potential signers, hoping they will refuse to sign the petitions and – once the measure makes it to the ballot – vote in favor of RTW.

We can expect these mailers more frequently as we approach the Aug. 28 deadline for submitting the Citizens’ Referendum petition signatures to place the measure on the ballot.


Here are the latest lies the mailers are promoting about RTW:

• “Missouri’s new right-to-work law means there is no wrong answer for workers.”

LIE: We’re not even sure what this means, but there is indeed a wrong answer. In states that have RTW, the data is clear, ALL workers, union and non-union, alike, receive lower wages and fewer, if any, benefits – like decent pensions and health and welfare. RTW states also have more accidents on the job because of lax enforcement of state safety laws and regulations, and more deaths of workers on the job when compared to states without RTW.

• “Thanks to right-to-work, workers are no longer forced to join a union or pay union dues as a condition of employment.”

ANOTHER LIE: Workers already have that protection. Federal law – not RTW – prevents anyone from being “forced” to join a union. In addition, no one working in a union represented shop is “forced” to pay union dues. Non-members pay a nominal fair share fee to cover the union’s cost of providing services – such as bargaining for wages and representing them on the job when something goes wrong. Unions are required – again, under federal law – to provide these services to ALL WORKERS in a bargaining unit, whether or not they are dues paying members.

“Out-of-state corporate interests are trying to confuse Missouri voters about the real harm ‘right-to-work’ will have for them – whether or not they belong to a union,” said Mike Louis, president of the Missouri AFL-CIO.


“The men and women of the Labor Movement know so-called ‘right-to-work’ has nothing do to with worker freedom or providing any rights on the job,” Louis said. “But Missouri voters need to be educated. We need to be talking to our family, friends and neighbors about the real harm this law will have for them and their families, because the dark money corporate interests aren’t about to risk their pet anti-worker law going down without a fight.”

We Are Missouri, the campaign to repeal the so-called “right-to-work” bill by placing the measure on the ballot, is well under way, with tens of thousands of signatures already collected, and more being gathered every day across the state. But many more are needed, and time is running short.

If you want to help gather signatures, sign-up at

Once the signature campaign is successful in placing the measure on the ballot for Missouri voters to decide, there will be an educational campaign so Missouri voters know the facts and will vote against the anti-worker law, Louis said.  “But first we have to gather the signatures,” he said. “That’s job No. 1 right now.”


Americans for Prosperity, funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, has limitless amounts of cash, so these types of fliers are likely to be littering our mailboxes all summer.

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Let AFP know you don’t want their anti-union lies in your mailbox

Tired of Americans for Prosperity soiling your mailbox with their phony “right-to-work” lies? Let them know by sending a note to

You don’t need to be rude; just be clear.

Here’s a suggested note:

“Take me off your mailing list! I don’t want your anti-union, anti-worker RTW lies, delivered by union letter carriers, cluttering up my mailbox. Please cease and desist immediately.”

If you work hard for a living and believe all workers deserve the right to collectively bargain their wages and working conditions;

If you believe in a fair wage for an honest day’s work;

If you don’t believe out-of-state corporations and their political front groups should be working to influence the laws affecting Missouri workers;

If you believe voters, armed with the truth, should decide what is best for workers in Missouri, then send a note to Americans for Prosperity and tell them to stop.

Tell them to stop littering your mailbox with RTW lies.

Send your note to




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