Most outrageous ad yet attacks Mathis



Illinois Correspondent

Gillespie, IL – This election has been full of misleading and false claims about legislative candidates, but the most outrageous attack yet may be the one that tries to use Illinois House candidate Mike Mathis’s leadership of a Democratic Party organization to tie him to a child pornographer.

Former State Representative Keith Farnham of Elgin was a member of the Illinois Democratic County Chairman’s Association at one time. He resigned from the House after child pornography was found on his computer in March, 2014, and he is now serving prison time.

Mathis, a United Miner Workers member, just happened to serve as chairman of the Association between June 2014 and November 2015 – after Farnham had already resigned from the House.

And yet a mailing sent on behalf of Mathis’ opponent in the 95th District, Representative Avery Bourne, tries to use the Farnham case against Mathis, saying, “Mike Mathis chaired a political group that helped bankroll a politician guilty of child pornography.”

It goes on to drag House Speaker Mike Madigan into the case, saying, “Mike Mathis took over $100,000 from the same Madigan-affiliated political groups that funded the child predator.”

Mathis issued a statement to challenge the mailings. “I am shocked and saddened by my opponent’s shameless, lying mailers, attempting to scare people without any regard for the truth,” he said. “I have never met nor done business with the criminal she mentions.

“My opponent and her team of paid political hacks have thought up the scariest thing they could find, and decided to send it to voters without any regard for the truth,” he added. “She must have decided that 30 days away from Election Day is the perfect time to frighten parents, hoping that lies will distract voters from her poor record of protecting middle-class families.”

Mid America AudiologyFAILING TO VOTE

Mathis then went on the offensive, pointing out that Bourne has failed to even vote more than 70 times on important issues in her brief tenure.

“Sixteen times since she has been in office, Representative Bourne had the opportunity to vote for tax relief, but every time she failed to do so,” Mathis said.

“When job training programs, veterans’ homes, programs for children with autism, women in need of breast and cervical cancer screenings and homebound seniors who need meals were at risk, Representative Bourne turned a blind eye and voted against them.

“Representative Bourne voted to weaken services for 43,000 senior citizens who need care at home. When a proposal came forward to give a lifeline to young heroin addicts, Representative Bourne refused to make a decision to vote yes or no.”


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