Next round of winners announced in Labor Tribune Readership Survey


winnerThe Labor Tribune is rewarding participants in its readership survey with a chance to win one of over $3,000 in prizes donated by our advertisers.

As we strive to make the Labor Tribune the best labor newspaper it can be, and serve you in all the ways you need, we’re asking for your opinion, and we want to reward you for it!

Simply take the survey (now available on this website by visiting our homepage), and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.


The survey results are coming in, and many participants have already won.

Here are the winners so far:

• Ray Thomas – Ironworkers Local 396 ($50 Hampton Shoe Gift Certificate)

• Greg Van Pelt – IBEW Local 1 ($40 Dirt Cheap/U-Gas Card)

• Mike Schlueter – Teamsters 688 ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)

• Rebecca Schuster – UFCW Local 655 ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)

• Robert Schutte – IAM Local 777 ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)

• Danny Malon – IBEW Local 1 ($50 Hampton Shoe Gift Certificate)

• James Swink – USWA Local 39 ($40 Dirt cheap/U-Gas Card)

• Cathy Sherwin – TNG-CWA ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)

• Darrell Herbst – IAMAW District 9 Lodge 660 ($50 Hampton Shoe Gift Certificate)

• Scott Dengler –Operating Engineers Local 513 ($40 Dirt cheap/U-Gas Card)

• Terrence Mohr-Heat & Frost Insulators Local 1 ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)

• Adam McBride – Eastern Missouri Laborers District Council ($40 Dirt cheap/U-Gas Card)

• Chris Hankins – IBEW 309 ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)

• James Ingold – UFCW 655 ($40 Dirt cheap/U-Gas Card)

• James Mathias – IAM Lodge 660 ($100 Optical Specialists Gift Certificate)

• Robert Dickherber – IBEW Local 1 ($40 Kenrick’s Gift Certificate)


Have you taken the survey?

Spend a few minutes completing it right here. Go to to the Labor Tribune homepage. Find the Readership Survey icon on the right side of the page and click “Take Survey.”

Complete the survey and you’ll be entered to win!

Watch for the list of winners each week in the Labor Tribune print edition, or online right here.


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