No smiles for orthodontist’s association

Cement Masons Bottom Photo Cement Masons Top PhotoCreve Coeur – Cement Masons Local 527 is picketing the American Association of Orthodontists at 401 N. Lindbergh Blvd. for using Dunn Lawn and Land of Webster Groves to install a cement planter and other amenities at the entrance to the association’s building. Dunn is a non-union contractor paying below area standard wages and benefits established by Local 527. Taking the message to the orthodontists that their choice of contractors was not putting a smile on their faces are (top photo, from left) Local 527 business representatives Keith Thompson and Dennis “Zeke” Frenzel and Organizer Jim Renick. The low quality of work on the circular planter is clearly visible in the photo (bottom photo), with the wavy lines around the border showing a lack of craftsmanship.

– Labor Tribune photo

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