Now it’s time to win some elections


Pat White, president of the St. Louis Labor Council, said the defeat of this session’s paycheck deception measure (House Bill 1891) wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of union members.

“I was shocked by the work that everyone put into this this to get the votes where we needed to be,” White told Labor Council delegates at last week’s regular meeting.

Union members, lobbied, made phone calls and wrote personal letters to the representatives and senators opposing the bill.

White helped deliver some of those handwritten letters, and said that same effort needs to go into the August primary and November general elections to get more worker-friendly politicians into the State Legislature, where Republicans hold a super majority.

It’s essential, White said, that Labor work to elect more Democrats and worker-friendly Republicans, even if that means pulling a Republican ballot in the primary.

“The biggest thing we can do now is win some elections,” White said. “We’ve got zero chance of winning back the House and Senate, but what we can do is win some of these seats.”


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